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Taylor Cable Products > VMAX Intake Manifold Spacer

VMAX Intake Manifold Spacer

Get a NEW kick out of your stock engine
with the NEW "Bolt-On"

  • 31% more air volume in the intake manifold
  • 21 Horsepower
  • 21 lb/ft of Torque
  • Complete instructions and hardware to make it a complete installation

Using cutting-edge technology, the revolutionary new VMAX manifold spacer product line was developed to deliver dramatic performance from your late model stock engine.

The one-inch thick billet aluminum VMAX spacer provides up to 31% more air volume under the plenum in late model modular intake manifolds that translates into solid performance gains in horsepower and torque. Dyno tests demonstrate increases of over 21 HP and over 21 ft/lb of torque with VMAX spacers installed.

The VMAX spacer is simple to install and the kit comes complete with instructions and all the necessary hardware and gaskets.

With only three part numbers readily available, we hope to have this product line grow like its counterpart the Helix Power Tower Plus.

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