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Taylor Cable Products > Throttle Body Spacer - Helix Power Tower Plus

Helix Power Tower Plus Throttle Body Spacer


Helix Power Tower Plus

Throttle Body Spacers
Design Breakthrough!

creates better engine cylinder filling and can be used with any grade of fuel for more power and economy.

chambers and channels specially designed to improve efficiency and air velocity performance.


provides turbulence to mix the air/fuel charge for a more complete burn efficiency.

is precision machined from solid T-6061 billet aluminum for long lasting performance.


Street and Performance Electronics, the first company to develop the throttle body spacer  has achieved a design breakthrough and developed a new generation design that is better than ever! Taylor Cable Products is pleased to be able to include the Helix Power Tower PLUS in their line of products.
Utilizing multiple aerodynamic principles, the
Helix Power Tower Plus (U.S. Patent Number 7,055,513) produces air breakup and turbulence that yields greater fuel burn efficiency, which translates into the best performing and efficient product of its type in the marketplace!

The Helix Power Tower Plus is crafted from T-6061 aircraft quality solid-billet aluminum. Each plate is held to the most rigorous manufacturing standards in the industry. They are machined on the most advanced CNC equipment available, assuring you of the most accurate product possible. Each plate is subjected to ultra high inspection standards, for further assurance of the finest product in the marketplace.
Helix Power Tower Plus comes with all the installation hardware you need. Installation is simple and may be done in as little as 45 minutes.


Helix Power Tower Plus Throttle Body Spacer by Taylor Cable Products

Helix Power Tower Plus

  • Easy installation
  • Quiet Operation




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