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Seal-4-Good Gaskets, XX Carbon Gaskets, Graph-Flex Gaskets


Seal-4-Good Gaskets
Seal-4-Good Gaskets


The  Seal-4-Good Reusable Flange Gaskets are multi-layered and made from a special "Dead Soft" Aluminum, which conforms to header flanges for the ultimate seal. Since the Seal-4-Good is made from multiple layers of dead soft metal, it easily conforms to small imperfections that a copper gasket simply can not. Due to this construction, these gaskets will not blow out or burn out when properly installed.

 Seal-4-Good collector gaskets are referred to, by many, as the "best on the market". These "Dead Soft" aluminum gaskets seal far better than competitive copper gaskets. Available in 2 1/2", 3", and 3 1/2" sizes.


XX-Carbon Gaskets
XX-Carbon Gaskets


These gaskets are designed to give the performance you expect at a you can afford. Our XX Carbon gaskets are made of Taylor's proprietary 100% carbon felt material on a steel core; nothing to burn out...

This material withstands long term exposure to over 2000°F; this makes for a long life gasket! The XX Carbon line of gaskets offer superior sealing ability even on the worst flange surfaces. These gaskets are perfect for even nitrous, turbo and blower motors.


Graph-Flex Gaskets
Graph-Flex Gaskets


Graph-Flex gaskets are made with 100% graphite material with a stainless steel core to provide stability. These gaskets are designed to fill in the most damaged surfaces.

The Graph-Flex line of gaskets offer superior sealing ability and are the ultimate repair gasket.



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